Electroneum Crypto Currency

Electroneum is a UK based mobile crypto-currency, launched in December 2107, has been subject to a number of challenges during its initial launch but is now starting to meet a number of its initial ICO targets.
It now has over 860000 registered users.
The ETN mobile miner app has been beta tested buy 20000 users and is due for release to all android phone users next week. IOS users will have to wait for Apple App approval.

According to the developers “…The mobile miner will allow anyone with a smartphone to earn a few US$ worth of cryptocurrency every month by mining Electroneum. It uses very little electricity and just a tiny amount of data, and importantly it requires no technical knowledge. A few dollars per month may not seem like much – but a billion people across the world live on US$2 or less per day. 71% of the world’s population live on US$10 or less….”

As users start to increase, use the miner and the coin gets accepted as a mobile payment currency this could be an interesting time for the currency.

The Electroneum Android App got an update! Download it here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electroneum.mobile

More news can be found on the Electroneum Telegram page.

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