4 Days to change the UK

Ok , have you made your mind up yet?
Are you confused with the statements and counter statements from the party leaders? I know I am.

What are the real influencers and risks to the UK’s future government?
Is it leaving or staying in the EU?
Is it the “Global Economy” recovering or falling?
Is it Scotland breaking up the UK or not?
Is it “The Market traders” gambling with the UK currency following an hung Parliament vote.
Is it the risk of “Global Big Business” flexing its muscles and moving business outside of the UK?
Is it the NHS consuming money at an ever increasing rate?
Will the parties make deals of some sort with each other and will they be able to negotiate their respective “Red Lines” without dropping them?
Will people vote on the basis of fear of the “other party” getting in or vote on the basis of Media predictions rather than believing in the party manifesto?
Will everybody vote and therefore get a result which will not be accepted and cause unrest?
Will the outcome of the Election change the UK forever?

I hope these summaries below help you in making your decision
The BBC has provided a useful Manifesto comparison chart here.
An alternative presentation of the Party Pledges can be found on The Kings Fund website.

None of the above risks are able to be predicted before the Election, therefore on May 7th I will vote on the basis of the parties manifesto intentions which in my opinion will provide a UK of which I will be proud to be a citizen of.

We must encourage everybody in the UK who has a vote to use it.

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