AFC Energy ships fuel cell system to ICL

AFC Energy ships fuel cell system to ICL
February 25, 2013
Ahead of schedule delivery marks the launch of a phased installation of a 1MW system at a major British chemical plant
AFC Energy (AIM: AFC), the industrial fuel cell power company, is pleased to announce that it has delivered the first fuel cell electricity generating system to Industrial Chemicals Limited (“ICL”), a leading UK commodity chemicals producer.

The shipment is in advance of a 1MW commercial-scale project signed with ICL last year to install the world’s largest alkaline fuel cell energy generation system at ICL’s chlor-alkali plant in Essex, UK. The project is being supported with a European Union grant of Euro 6.1m (£4.9m), from this April.

The first delivery was for a skid-mounted (mobile) Beta fuel cell system which is expected to be installed and commence supplying small quantities of power to the chemicals works from April 2013. It will use waste hydrogen, produced as a by-product at the chemicals works, as fuel to generate clean energy.

The system will test and qualify the hydrogen supply and site infrastructure ahead of the installation of the larger system in stages later this year. By harnessing the waste hydrogen, AFC Energy’s fuel cell system will eventually provide up to 1MW of clean, efficient electricity generation at point of consumption, reducing reliance on grid-supplied electricity by up to 20%.

As part of the project AFC Energy is to provide electrical power to ICL under its first ESCO (Energy Supply Company) arrangement whereby ICL will provide its hydrogen and purchase power under long-term contracts. AFC Energy will own, operate and maintain the fuel cell systems.

AFC Energy’s CEO, Ian Williamson, commented: “Our project with ICL is a flagship venture for us and the UK and we are pulling out all the stops to get it underway ahead of schedule. Although the EU grant funding will not commence until April, we decided to press ahead with the first Beta system to demonstrate to the world our serious intent and ability to generate low-cost electricity using purpose-designed industrial fuel cells.

“With the progress we have already made with our first manufacturing facility, which opened in September 2012, and the inroads being made to extend electrode life beyond the six month milestone as announced last month, this achievement gives us confidence to begin to implement plans for opening international markets.”

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