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Electroneum Crypto Currency

Electroneum is a UK based mobile crypto-currency, launched in December 2107, has been subject to a number of challenges during its initial launch but is now starting to meet a number of its initial ICO targets. It now has over 860000 registered users. The ETN mobile miner app has been beta tested buy 20000 users […]

Congratulations NHS

Every winter we complain about having to wait for attention in A&E, why, do we think there is an unlimited resource sat behind the curtain ready to respond at a moments notice. Wake up everybody. Winter arrives people get ill , slip over and need attention from the NHS. But we do not help ourselves, […]

Is the media Anti Brexit?

The UK after Brexit requires positive promotion by news media around the world. Why do BBC TV reporters, try to embarrass the Prime Minister at news conferences especially when visiting other countries? As a TV viewer and news reader, I am not interested in the Headline Grabbing nonsense news. I am interested in how the […]

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