Congratulations NHS

Every winter we complain about having to wait for attention in A&E, why, do we think there is an unlimited resource sat behind the curtain ready to respond at a moments notice.
Wake up everybody.
Winter arrives people get ill , slip over and need attention from the NHS.
But we do not help ourselves, have we all had our flu injections? Unfortunately not, so therefore we will descend on the NHS for help at a time when hospitals will be under pressure.
The NHS takes precautionary measures by delaying non essential operations and the papers are full of NHS bad news.
I say congratulations for taking brave decision which will hopefully keep the NHS working.
Maybe we all need to put more resources, money, into the NHS.

Business leaders want Brexit Clarity

We all want Clarity but who pays is the question.
Maybe Business leaders should advise the negotiating team how much they are willing to give the EU to promote a rapid deal.
We heard today that UK businesses are set to payout dividends of about £94bn this year!
I am sure clarity here would help to speed up an agreement.