Brexit position comparisons for the Non-Politicians

I think it is about time we had a simple Brexit positions comparison for the non-politicians amongst us.
The BBC does publish what it calls a “Reality Check” but this does not provide the direct comparisons statement by statement.

The day to day headlines that are published in different newspapers leave me confused as they only extract headlines which they hope will gain readers, not compare.

Example is The Customs Union. The Customs Union applies to Member States of the EU. Therefore not available if we leave the EU, Brexit.

The Government position is that we must leave the Customs Union because we have left the EU. However it does want to have free trade with the EU and there should be no reason for this not to be agreed because the UK already meets all the requirements of the EU to be considered as a Member State at the time of leaving and the UK would comply with all regulations to enable future trade. This would enable the UK to negotiate trade deals with others.

The Opposition is proposing a hybrid which has very similar objectives to the governments but involves the UK being under some control of the EU, but leaving the EU, with Wales and Scotland wanting to stay in the EU and Northern Ireland needing a free trade deal but as yet no working assembly!.

Negotiations are proceeding and the detailed government position papers can be seen at article-50-and-negotiations-with-the-eu

Joint EU/UK report on progress as of December 2017 can be seen at Joint_report_on_progress_during_phase_1_of_negotiations_under_Article_50_TEU_on_the_United_Kingdom_s_orderly_withdrawal_from_the_European_Union.pdf

The Government needs to gain some support for its Brexit negotiating position or the UK will be heading for a General Election with the EU laughing all the way to the Bank as UK companies move to Europe because of a lack of clear direction. Its about time that both Oppositions and Government got together to negotiate with the EU to get the best deal rather that one trying to out the other.

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