Brexit decision time approaching

Brexit decision time is approaching and I am still undecided. We need more Prime Time TV discussions on the issues with non political participants giving their opposing views to help us to make a decision. The main issues for me are Sovereignty,Security and The Economy.


Clearly have our elected politians managing and generating our laws, is what I want. The EU with its questionable bureaucracy, Human Right laws etc causes me concern.
A good discussion on this subject can be found at The Question of Sovereignty in the EU Referendum BY MICHAEL JULIEN


My general thoughts are that the EU does not improve our security position. Our border controls need to be maintained (and maybe strengthened) but our global strength comes from our military and security services and our links with the USA and NATO. See UK Security Would Benefit From Brexit BY BRUCE NEWSOME


The impact on the economy will be uncertain due to the negotiations that invariably will have to take place with all potential trading partners around the world and this delay could in the short term(2-5 years) cause a reduction in business activity. There are many areas that will need discussion and re-organising and this could take many years to fully recover. The basic process of exiting should be completed within 2 years. See .

However I have no long term concerns that the UK would not be a global player. I do believe that some short term laws may need to be introduced to prohibit international companies or institutions dumping UK businesses for short term gains.

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