Business leaders want Brexit Clarity

We all want Clarity but who pays is the question.
Maybe Business leaders should advise the negotiating team how much they are willing to give the EU to promote a rapid deal.
We heard today that UK businesses are set to payout dividends of about £94bn this year!
I am sure clarity here would help to speed up an agreement.

Is the media Anti Brexit?

The UK after Brexit requires positive promotion by news media around the world.
Why do BBC TV reporters, try to embarrass the Prime Minister at news conferences especially when visiting other countries?
As a TV viewer and news reader, I am not interested in the Headline Grabbing nonsense news.
I am interested in how the meetings with foreign government leaders progressed and what was the primary purpose and outcome of the visit, and how this could affect the UK’s Brexit future.
To be asked questions about who was “in command of the cabinet” and “back seat driving” is is just trying to stir up Headlines. Its not news yet its the first item shown on the News at Ten.
The response given was predictable yet it still manages to provide more headlines.
It is rude when reporters shout out questions to anybody let alone government ministers when they are in public places expecting a reply yet the BBC political reporters do this regularly.

Brexit is a challenge across multiple fronts.
We have a negotiation to get through, we do not control the outcome, we can only influence the final outcome by hard negotiation and promoting a win-win outlook with the EU countries.
We need to generate a positive outlook and confidence within the UK that we can survive as a country on our own.
We need to convince the world that we are open for business and ready to act on our own.
We need Leadership.

Lets have more UK promotion in the Media.

Brexit requires Quicker Smarter Better UK

Why are we always fighting automation, fighting planning, fighting growth? Why does it take so long to make decisions and then get planning approval to make progress?

10 years for a decision on London Airport and still not fully approved and still not through planning expected completion in another 10 years.

In the UK, we cannot get Trade Union agreement to have a train driver close a door. Disruptive Striking and insisting that an additional person is required instead of addressing the basic safety issue identified by the Union and automating. Docklands Railway has run for years fully automated, visit Dubai Airport and you will step into a fully automatic train to move you between terminals. Other trains on the UK network operate driver only. Disruptive strikes should be a thing of the past and should be banned.

The need for Disruptive strike action should be confined to history and replaced with real participation within all levels of a company structure making Trade Unions obsolete.

The Greenbelt is supposed to prevent urban sprawl but does it just squeeze everybody to live in cramped conditions in our towns and cities, ignoring the reality of population growth and the need for new homes. Why are we not building the homes everybody knows are needed?

Are we trying to live in the past? Do we have an unreal memory of the good old days?

CHANGE is coming and coming fast as we leave the EU.

The UK must improve its productivity, that means we all need to work Quicker,Smarter and Better than the rest in everything we do. Companies need to share the rewards of success and growth to its employees at all levels if we are to be successful.