Cold Weather has some strange benefits to business

Many people think of cold weather as a downer, especially in the business world. Lower temperatures are usually associated with a drop in customer traffic, which can mean fewer items sold and fewer pounds counted. However, there are several encouraging exceptions. In addition to industries that actually gross most of their profits in winter, there are other year-round sales attractions that can fare better by pushing bigger-ticket items in cold weather. If you’re looking for a silver lining to the prolonged cold weather this year, just keep reading.

In an unexpected twist to the prolonged winter, artificial flowers are among the industries that are enjoying increased sales. Why are more people fancying artificial blooms this year? Blame it on the late arrival of warm weather. With holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day taking place amid cold snaps, florists may find that they can’t keep enough real flowers in stock to meet demand. But this means good news for retailers like John Lewis, which saw an 18 percent increase in artificial bouquets of bluebells and daffodils.

Of course, if you can’t bring the warm weather to you, you can always go to it. This is the thought process of many during cold weather and especially during late winter months when the anticipation of spring can be too much to bear. The travel industry, and more specifically airlines, stand to gain a lot from longer-than-usual cold weather as UK tourists flock to popular warm-weather destinations such as Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Oman to soak up sun and lay in the sand.

And energy companies will be grateful for all of those who choose stay at home and brave the still-cold weather. Household energy usage is reliably higher during cold months, boosting revenue for energy companies in the process.

In addition, owners of retail shops, especially those that sell warmer apparel, can also expect to see business heat up as the weather remains cool. From coats and boots to warmer sweaters and cold weather accessories like scarves and gloves, customers come in flocks to spend money on these items. And for many stores, the increase in sales constitutes a double advantage since winter apparel often grosses a higher average price per item than warm weather clothing.

Cold weather doesn’t just have an effect on small purchases. Even big investments, such as buying a new automobile, benefit from winter weather. Research shows that consumers are more likely to opt for autos with all-wheel drive as well as trucks and SUVs, when they go car shopping in winter. In addition to this, auto sales lots can give customers on the fence a gentle nudge by staying open on snow days.

Even if you don’t work in one of these industries, you can still make the best of unseasonably cool temperatures by staying the course and staying open. After all, every customer contributes to your bottom line, no matter what time of year.

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