Customer pay more

We hear this type of comment all the time, Customers must pay more!
Too much sugar in products customers must pay more.
Processed meat damages health customers should eat less.
Cigarettes damage health customers must pay more and we all pay more for NHS.
Employees not paid a realistic living wage so we all have to pay increased taxes to pay for support for them.
We drink too much alcohol make the customer pay more.

In all the above cases, the manufacturing and supplying companies make significant profits.
Why is it that the manufacturer or supplier of these “unsafe or toxic” practises are not directly penalised by attacking their profits as a way of incentivising change rather than the customer being made to pay more.

Why must change be initiated by the customer.

The result may be the same in that the customer paying an increased price but the provider will have an incentive to eliminate the toxic component from their manufacturing processes and produce different products or change processes.
What do you think?

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