Energy Comparison websites

To ensure you are getting the best deal for your energy you must either carry out a spreadsheet analysis of various potential energy suppliers charges or use one or more of the energy comparison websites.

I always carry out the check using at least 2 different sites to look for energy suppliers.
I prefer to use kWh used over the previous year as an input rather than the energy cost. This allows me to check the total cost impact when varying the amount of energy used.

However the models used for the calculations do not take into effect the summer/winter variations of consumption as they tend to work on average values.

Most households use less energy in the summer months, maybe even zero energy during one or two months of the year, so do consider looking at the fixed costs associated with the tariff as well as the variable unit costs. Don’t just think that the lowest unit cost will give you the lowest overall cost of energy.

Finally think about cancellation charges before you switch!

When you have completed the calculations, make sure you understand if there are any additional discounts to be considered or you know whether they have already been taken into account by the company doing the calculation.
An example of results from different sites is listed below using the same input numbers generally identify Spark energy as the lowest cost supplier in my area although two sites gave different results with also different calculated costs. Interestingly there were more differences in costs between suppliers outside of the lowest cost.   — Spark Energy saving £41 total £1518   — Spark Energy saving £41 total £1518  — Spark Energy saving $41 total £1518  — Spark Energy saving $41  — Scottish Power saving £22 total £1792  — EON saving £8 total £1548  —  Spark Energy saving £117 total £1518 — Scottish power saving £14 total £1542

There are other people who will calculate and compare energy tariffs the above just are the highest listing when searching on Google.

Lets hear you experience in choosing you energy supplier

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