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Where do you go to get information about the EU referendum. There is so much conflicting information on the Referendum in the media so I thought I would try to provide a guide to useful sources. The campaigns are “Vote Leave” and “Britain Stronger In Europe“. Both of these sites post supporting statements of their campaign of course, but neither post opposing views to compare positions.

One site that attempts to provide a comparison of the statements made by supporters of each campaign is the BBC Referendum’s Reality Check site.

Open Europe is a site states it is a non-partisan and independent policy think tank. This site publishes its views and reports on some of the leading questions that the UK, whether we stay or exit the EU, need to understand. One such topic is the costs associated with the burden of EU regulation on the UK economy.

ITV News Finding the facts is another site that attempts to compare claims that have been made by each campaign and provide “the truth” behind the major statements.

The Economist also provides A Background Guide to Brexit from the EU providing some historical data.

All of the media,both TV and newspapers, publish daily information which should help you, but unfortunately headline grabbing statements often get the most visibility although may not contain much comparative fact that really help you in making a decision.

What I think you can say with some certainty is that there will be an economic impact if the UK votes to leave. How much of an impact and for how long it impossible to predict. The markets will definitely react, they always do, sometimes in an unpredictable way! There will be an extended period of negotiation whist the details of exit are finalised, this should be complete within 2 years to comply with Article 50 of the treaty, but of course there will be many other negotiations taking place which may not be directly Treaty related.

If you have found a good source of informed information that may help in making a decision, post your comments below.

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