Friends and Family Statistics

The friends and family statistics published by NHS England give a view of what patients think of their stay either in A&E or as an inpatient at hospitals.
A few observations from the results are that in June only 10% of the A&E patients completed a questionnaire whist 27% of inpatient completed the questionnaire with overall scores of 54 and 71 respectively.

With the inpatient data it is interesting to note that private hospitals generally achieve both higher returns and significantly higher scores than the NHS hospitals, which in my opinion should be expected. The reasons for this difference in scores will be many and face value comparisons can lead to the wrong conclusions.

Although these are simple measures of customers satisfaction they do help to stimulate management to find out why differences in results are there. As many of us know from completing product reviews or restaurant reviews, it can be the simplest of things that result in a poor performance score being issued or indeed a good score resulting from a particular employee providing assistance rather than the overall state of the organisation we are visiting.

These statistics do help to counter some of the bad news that continuously streams across the media about the NHS and can be used as a tool for identifying patient satisfaction differences between locations if management dedicate time to understanding the real reasons for those differences.

Let me hear your thoughts on the validity of these statistics.

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