It’s good news for a good school

It’s good news for a ‘good’ school
good school
Children, staff, governors and parents are delighted with the latest official verdict on Springside Primary School in Bury.

Inspectors from Ofsted have given the school a rating of ‘good’, an improvement from their previous score of ‘satisfactory’.

They went even further after looking at the Early Years Foundation Stage, which they described as ‘outstanding’.

“The rate of pupils’ progress in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 has improved steadily since the previous inspection and the achievement of all groups of pupils is now good,” said Ofsted.

“Teaching has improved markedly over the past three years and is now good, with examples of outstanding practice. The relationships between teachers and pupils are strong and the talented team of teaching assistants provides sensitive support for pupils who sometimes find the work difficult. Pupils enjoy the work that teachers plan from the newly introduced curriculum.

“Pupils are very proud of their school and speak highly of the adults who work with them, saying ‘We are safe in school because grown-ups look after us and are always there for us if we have problems’.”

Ofsted added: “The Early Years Foundation Stage continues to be outstanding. Children make excellent progress in their studies in both Nursery and Reception, as a result of outstanding teaching, and a curriculum which provides an ideal balance between adult-led and child-initiated activities.”

To improve even further, the school will now focus on increasing the proportion of outstanding teaching and thus raise attainment further.

Mrs Karen Murphy, head teacher at Springside, said: “This is now a good school and we are all very pleased that the Ofsted inspectors agreed with us. Our children were eager to share their learning and tell inspectors how much they enjoy school. We have worked hard as a school community to move positively forwards and to help motivate our children ‘to be the best they can be’. That is what all children deserve!”


Press release issued: 20 March 2013.

Picture attached: Pupils at Springside Primary School celebrate their Ofsted report.

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