Household energy consumption reduces

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average household energy consumption in England and Wales decreased 24.7% between 2005 and 2011, from 26.2 megawatt hours (MWhr) in 2005 to 19.7mWh in 2011.
The East Midlands had the highest household energy consumption for every year in the period but also had the largest decrease in consumption.

The South West had the lowest average household energy consumption for five of these years. The only two years when the South West did not record the lowest energy consumption were 2005 and 2011, when Wales had the lowest energy consumption per household.It is interesting to note that those areas also had the lowest average reduction in energy consumption.

The average decrease in energy consumption per household is significant at 24.7% with major variations across the country. Clearly energy conservation measures work and should be continued in the future.

The difference in household energy reduction between the East Midlands area and other parts of the country are significant and more work should be undertaken to identify the cause of this difference.

With 23.4 million households in England and Wales there is a significant amount of energy to be saved. If each household has an average energy cost of £1000 per year the average annual savings equate to £41 per household or £960 Million per year.

What are you doing in your house or business to save energy, clearly energy can be saved and this saves both you and the country money. Let us hear your energy-saving ideas.

You can find some data on energy saving ideas and how to calculate savings from theEnergy Saving Trust

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