In 2011, 2 out of 3 deaths were over the age of 75, Longer-Lives

The title of this post is the Good UK News version of the Public Health England publication/website “Longer-Lives”(In 2011, one in three deaths in England
was under the age of 75).
An interesting website with mortality data around England in the years 2009-2011.
Input your postcode and compare mobility statistics from around the UK and see on the map of England how your area has performed.
Data is available based on:-
Overall premature deaths
Heart disease and stroke
Lung disease
Liver disease
Socioeconomic deprivation

Interesting, but much of data is the result of history, what we all did years ago causing the above reasons for premature deaths. The review, trending and use of this data is important to catch both todays new causes of death and monitor improvements from changes to treatment programs.
There is so much data published that finding the target to monitor or improve is aways a challenge.
The important thing is to use the data to improve.

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