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I recently had a reason to attend A&E at the Royal Surrey Hospital.
The service received was excellent, seen quickly, and an assessment made which required no further treatment. The only improvement recommendation I would have would be the reception could smile a little to help the pain go away.
After the visit I receive a text message asking me searching questions about my visit and service provided.

Now recognising I have gone to an Accident and Emergency unit with what may have been a broken limb, I get asked the question
“How likely are you to recommend our Emergency department to your family and friends if they needed similar care or treatment”

This is the local A and E where else would you go, good or bad recommendation, you cannot get to a Doctor in any other way if you have an accident!. Its not a restaurant

Questions about reception, treatment time, cleanliness, staff etc would seem more appropriate and actionable on the feedback received.

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