Pensioners asked to give back money

According to Iain Duncan Smith wealthy pensioners should voluntarily repay their universal benefit payments to the state.
If the Government (IDS) feel that the pensioner benefit payments should be either removed or made means-tested they should make the change, not try to generate a newspaper campaign to try to embarrass pensioners to give back the money. A ridiculous idea.

Clearly the UK Government has lost its nerve and does not have the balls to make the change itself, obviously frightened about the grey voter backlash.

Clearly there is a significant amount of money at stake, winter fuel payments in excess of £1500 million could be saved per year if only people who needed it received the payment. Alternatively why not spend that money on insulation or energy efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption in homes. Keeping people warm and reducing the UK imports.

Bus passes help bus companies to continue to operate, stop the pensioners travelling and bus availability could be curtailed. A good bus service helps everybody.

The UK has a financial problem and pensioners I am sure, will play their part in assisting the recovery if they have the resources. Pensioners have contributed over their last 65 plus years and will play their part in future years.

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