Positive Content competition

A new competition has been launched by the Insafe network within the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme.
The competition aims to find the best quality content, both existing and new, for 4-12 year old children and encourage the creation of new content that will offer young people online opportunities to learn, play, discover and invent.

In the UK the competition will be run by the UK Safer Internet Centre. Adults and children from the UK are invited to submit positive content initiatives aimed at children aged 4-12 years; young people can even create content for peers up to 18 years of age.

Positive content can be everything from an educational website, blog, video or an app: the main thing is that it creatively supports and showcases positive content initiatives across Europe, encouraging children and young people to find positive ways to spend time online (educate, inform, stretch and stimulate imagination, enable acquiring new skills etc).

To take part you need to be:

1. Adult professionals (i.e. those who produce online content for a living).

2. Adult non-professionals.

3. Individual young people.

4. School classes/groups of young people.

The national jury will select UK winners in each category and each category winner will then go on to compete on a European level.

Deadline for submitting entries is 1 November 2013. More information and entry forms about the competition is available on from the UK Safer Internet Centre.

A copy of the News-from-UK-Safer-Internet-Centre—May-2013 can be found below with all the latest updates about the Safer Internet Centre activities.


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