Post Brexit DOOM

Why is the media full of post Brexit Doom. Since the EU referendum result our relationship with the EU had not changed yet the stock market dropped and the GBP FXrate fell.
Why, the stock market gamblers tried to make a lot of money, the currency traders decided there were opportunities to make more money.
After a few days the stock market gamblers doubled their takings as the market regained its original position.
Now people have realised nothing yet has happened and so now they are starting to forecast doom in the future – another opportunity to make a lot of money for the market guys and the politicians covering their backs!

What we don’t need is talk our way into a problem, we need our business leaders and politicians to present the “half cup full” rather than the “half cup empty” view on the future.
Now is the time to look for those opportunities to change the way we do business and not expect to get business from Europe without a fight.

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