Reducing energy consumption as a New Years resolution.

Clearly reducing energy consumption is a very important activity for all of us to help address Climate Change.
We should include at least one energy-saving item in our News Years resolutions and make it work!

We can all make a difference without spending money to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, in fact, you will save money.

If you drive, try walking for some journeys – its healthy as well.
Don’t drive as fast as usual.
Don’t accelerate so fast as usual.
Don’t drive so close to the vehicle in front that you are always using your brakes.

At home
When you leave a room, turn the lights and TV off.
If you have central heating, reduce the temperature setting on your thermostat even if you are leaving the house for a short period.
Eliminate draughts. Make sure your loft hatch has no gaps around it to let heat escape into the loft.
Reduce your hot water temperature a few degrees, not less than 60 degree Centigrade in the water tank to protect against legionella.
Only put the water you need in the kettle.
On your computer make sure you have the power saving options activated and switch off all peripherals if not using them.
Turn off appliances after use.
Use energy-saving light bulbs.

If you have other ideas let us know and share on our blog.

The governments new project for tackling Climate Change becomes active from January. You can find details of the scheme in the link below. This scheme could enable you to recover some of the cost of installing energy-saving devices!

6634-the-green-deal-a-new-way-to-pay.pdf (application/pdf Object).

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