Population shift and tackling migration

The East to West, South to North migrant movement is out of control.
Reasons for that migration are varied from escaping a War Zone, Humanitarian to Economic.

We as a responsible and caring society must take our place by either providing resources to support(AID) and protect individuals or the acceptance of those who are in need into the UK who accept that
1.The UK rule of Law is paramount with Democracy and Christianity as its cornerstone.
2.The English language is the UK’s primary language for communicating with UK authorities.
3.People with a history of illegal activities or use illegal activities to enter the UK will not be accepted.

We are told there are 4 million people who have been driven out of Syria. If the EU were to accept all of those on an equal basis then each country should take about 143000 people.
In itself this does not seen an unacceptable number for a country the size and wealth of the UK. It would only add about 0.25% to the UK population.
Within the UK there are significant differences to where immigrants reside with the South East of England having the greater share and higher density with Scotland having relatively few based on density.

A future issue could be, I believe, once in the EU there is no controlling were they migrate to in the longer term.
We must have and maintain the ability to have some control over movement of people within the UK.

Major population movement around the world, like we are seeing today, has the potential for major unrest, disappointment of migrants when expectations are not met, clash of cultures, changes to the host community population as new cultures become apparent and shortage of services are experienced through over population.

Emergency action must be taken today to protect todays migrants, but that does not mean an open the door to uncontrolled population shift. It does mean save lives and provide adequate food and accommodation and Medical/Health services for those people as soon as possible.

Careful non emotional decision making is required by the leaders of EU countries to agree the long term solution.

The website Migration Observatory, http://migrationobservatory.ox.ac.uk/, has all the data you might need to look at the numbers of immigrants in the EU, where they are located and the challenges faced by different countries.

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