The rise of the e-cigarette in the UK

As a number of leading retailers are now welcoming e-cigarettes into the industry, it appears as though even more success is on the horizon for the smoker’s alternative.

It isn’t easy to find hard and fast numbers when it comes to this particular industry. However, the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association reports that the industry is valued at somewhere between £5mn and £10mn in 2011. A number of companies declared earnings of over £1 annually in the UK.

The association predicts that the growth levels currently in the UK lie somewhere within the region of 50 per cent a year but estimate that it will slow gradually by 2014.

2013, has seen growth and already retailers such as Manchester based TABlites Electronic Cigarettes, have reported double digit growth since January.

Since the initial e-cigarette was born, in 2000 in China, millions all over the globe have begun to enjoy the simulated yet realistic experience that smoking the e-cigarette has provided. Like other successful inventions before it, it targets a sizeable niche that was previously unpenetrated. It is the perfect nicotine replacement tool as it is not harmful to the user, giving them a fantastic method of starting their smoke free journey. They work by giving the user a small amount of liquid nicotine and water vapour, that simulates smoking but cuts out all the tobacco, carcinogenic’s and ultimately smoke, making them safe for the user as well as the general public – the perfect quitting tool!

One major event which turned the tide of its success took place in 2007 when we saw the inception of the smoking ban in the UK. The law prevented people from smoking cigarettes in public places. Although numerous non-smokers saw this as a change for the better, the law affected numerous people in a more negative way, when it came to their social life.

Numerous smokers who got a kick out of smoking either Pipe Tobacco or cigarettes felt like they were no longer welcome in bars and pubs that they had been going to for tens of years. Although the venues themselves did plan to offer their loyal customer’s adequate support by introducing outdoor seating and smoking shelters, the social side of visiting such venues was tarnished irreparably.

The beauty of the e-cigarette is that you can go back to your favourite venues and you will no longer have to stand outside, they are legal to be used inside due to them not involving any smoke, which not only helps your health but also gives the venue a boost in custom – a win, win situation.

One of the other great benefits to the e-cigarette is that they leave no odour, perfect for using in your own home and also for helping you quit smoking for good as you won’t have to worry about your clothes, furnishings and your home in general smelling of cigarette smoke.

Finally, whilst unproven yet, initial research has suggested that e-cigarettes can be used as a tool to quit smoking. One study from Boston University and referenced in Medical News Today found that 31% of 222 individuals had not smoked any tobacco products for six months after buying an electronic cigarette, compared to 12% to 18% for nicotine patches and gum.

The only bi-product of many electronic cigarettes is nicotine, and whilst addictive, nicotine has few adverse effects on the body (source). The “smoke” produced is largely water, and as such there are no effect to those close to you (source), other than the knowledge that their loved one has quit smoking for good, only a positive from day one!

With the influx in users of this nicotine replacement tool, comes a new age of freedom for the user. The e-cigarette will help reduce the stress of quitting smoking and also help them to move forward to the next chapter without risking their social lives.

Author Bio – Jackson Brookes is a health writer, specialising in health articles aimed at the UK.

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