Important Places To Travel By Train In London

No matter how many cars you own or how many times you’ve enjoyed the luxury of travelling in business class by airplanes, travelling through train is a memorable journey in itself. While you travel in a car, even if you are not driving, you miss beautiful sights that the car passes through. However, if you travel by a train, you get to see all the sights through the glass window or door of it. Moreover, train travelling proves to be wallet friendly and hence, most of the tourists, especially, prefer to travel by trains so that they not only get to witness the scenic view of the place they have visited, but also enjoy spending less on local travelling.

There is nothing more eye-delighting if you are visiting a green, clean and beautiful place like London and travelling locally by train. To give comfort to people, many online websites are created that help people to get British rail enquiry. These websites have exact timing details, distance between the two locations you wish to travel, ticket rates and other such useful information that any train traveler would wish to know about before entering the station. Not only these, there are certain sites that promote information about attractive sights that you would be crossing while travelling in the train, making you aware of what you are going to see during your journey.

The most important place that you should travel to by train is Windsor Castle, which is one of Queen’s official residences. You may have to break your journey if you start it from Waterloo station. Even though it is faster, you will have to change the train once you arrive at Slough. However, if you choose to begin your journey from Paddington station, although the time it takes is comparatively more than the train you catch from Waterloo, you need not break your travel.

The next best thing that you should not miss is Kew Gardens. This spot has a station of its own and the traveler needs to take a Richmond train to get here. This place is a must see if you are an admirer of greenery and botanical aspects of nature. King George III’s family palace, i.e. the Kew Palace is open between April and October and hence this is the best time to visit this place.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then the Warner Brother Studio on the outskirts of London offers Leavesden Studio’s tour, where the shooting of Harry Potter took place for about ten years. You need to catch a train from Euston station to Watford Junction. For further journey, you have a bus shuttle that is provided by the Warner Brother Studio.

Travelling to London and missing to visit Hampton Court is like missing the cake on your birthday! Being one of King Henry VIII’s favorite places, it is a beautiful, luxurious and royal residence within indoor decorations and a hint of art, including the world famous Maze in the garden, which was made in the late 17th century. Train is said to be the easiest and quickest way to visit this place since it is only a 30 minutes journey starting from London’s Waterloo station.

Apart from various attractions within itself, London showers royalty, greenery and beauty in every step and hence to explore and appreciate these factors, you should travel by train to enjoy the soothing sights. So what makes you read further? Go online, do British rail enquiry, pack your bags and off you go to drown in peaceful views of London!

Author Bio: These popular locations have been presented by Ellen Nicola who has vast experience of the travel industry. She has worked in this industry for about 10 years. She has also been involved with expanding of online information on travel since the inception of the World Wide Web.

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