UK failures ?

We are in need of some Good News about the UK and its institutions all we hear about are UK Failures.
Everyday the Newspapers and Media are full of doom and gloom, publicising UK failures.
Over recent past we have heard about failures in the following organisations :-

  1. Police Officers
  2. Care Homes
  3. Education system
  4. NHS system
  5. Bank system
  6. Border Agency
  7. Newspapers & reporters
  8. MP’s
  9. Government Ministry
  10. Church Ministers
  11. BBC
  12. Independent Police Review Committee
  13. The Economy

All of these issues, which i have called uk failures, are demanding review and changes to ways of working. All very depressing and very demotivating for everybody and, of course, there are many people and organisations listed above that are doing great jobs and performing well that we do not hear about.
It’s about time people heard about the good things that do happen out there Day to Day in all of the above areas. Employees in these areas need support and encouragement.
Yes there will be things that go wrong and yes there will be a need for investigations and a resulting improvement plans.
Yes we as a country need to improve our productivity to be more competitive to encourage investment in the UK.
Yes we can do things more efficiently.
Yes we can eliminate all aspects of Waste be that energy, time or material.
All normal things to be challenged in business or any project.
Government and Management must lead and inspire through all the challenges presented.

There are things however that are difficult to control, like the Weather, but we can be prepared and have plans in place, disasters do occur in life and in business then planning and preparation is everything.

Let us hear your Comments on the above, your Good News, share your Business news, NHS news or political news, any good news is welcome.

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