Tourist Destination In UK This Summer

United Kingdom is a country with a great history, full of myths and legends. It has been the scene of important passages of universal history from centuries ago. In the following paragraphs mention the places and cities that no tourist should miss during your stay in UK. Note that it is very likely that for reasons of time I can not visit all the places that you mentioned here.

But before mentioning the British country’s major destinations in this summer, we must say that tourism in UK offers two major advantages: access to tourist information and communication routes in good condition. Even England has a tram system, considered the best in the world (the London Underground is the largest in the world). It also has excellent rail system that connects all the cities in England for a modest price. It also has airports in all the regional capitals. This means that the supply of transportation is diverse and all price.

That said, we’ll tell you where to go while in British territory. Although the following list will be quite short, because UK has a lot of beautiful tourist destinations:

London: This is the capital city and financial center of England. It is a cosmopolitan but very respectful of traditions. If you visit this city can not stop going to the Tower of London (where the assassination occurred Henry VI), the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as traditional restaurants and various bars, perfect for tourists who love of nightlife. You also can not miss the lookout London Eye, Westminster Abbey (on which the remains of royal and historical characters), Buckingham Palace (the official seat of royalty), the Palace of Westminster (home of the British Parliament) .

Seven Sisters Park: Located in Sussex and has an area of 280 hectares. This park is very important because it has a natural landscape dominated valleys, rivers, cliffs and meadows. Because it is a natural conservation, you can only visit on foot or by bicycle.

Leeds: This city is part of the county of West Yorkshire and is one of the most dynamic cities of the British nation. This place is characterized by wonderful countryside contrasts with modern buildings and shopping galleries. If you come to this city can not miss Victoria Street Quarters and Brigatte. Nor can stop going to the Millenium Square and Grand Theatre.

Lake District National Park:It is a considered a tourist destination, it is the only mountainous area that exists in England. If you visit this place can not stop going to Wastwater (the deepest lake) and Scafell Pike (the highest mountain in the country, with a height of 978 meters).

Derby: This city is considered the heart of England. Here you will find a lot of antique fairs, museums and an imposing cathedral. You can also visit Derbyshire and the Peak District.

Coventry: One of the most pleasant cities in England, because it has beautiful countryside. For example, has the Warwickshire countryside where you can relax watching the signs of the medieval period. In the rural part of Coventry, located near river Avon and the city, you can see where it is believed he was born the famous writer William Shakespeare.

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