Utilising hospital equipment 24 hour basis

Can hospitals run more effectively by utilising its equipment and people on a 24 hour basis increasing its performance yet without increasing costs?
A very good question.

Maybe hospitals already do this but the impression is that they do not.

Clearly there are parts of the NHS which could be considered a capital intensive business, that is the costs of the capital required to fund the equipment is greater than the labour required to produce the service.
An example here may be an MRI scanner with an installed cost complete with room of over £2000000. Assuming an Technically trained operator at £35K and £10K maintenance per unit, you would most likely need 5 technicians to operate a unit 24 hours per day. That means for an incremental cost of £160000 per year you can complete the same number of scans as having purchased another 2 MRI scanners.
This of course would increase patient throughput and reduce the cost per scan.
Increasing labour saving costs? Does this mean there needs to be a paradigm shift in management of services?

To meet this increase in scan rate, Doctors and Consultants would also need to change their working arrangements to suit.

Lets discuss.

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