World Record Relay Attempt around Mainland Britain

Apr 03, 2013 11:56 BST
G B Relay Launches World Record Relay Attempt around Mainland Britain
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GB Relay Ltd is staging the first Great British Relay which will travel around the entire UK mainland coastline in June 2013. The Great British Relay is an attempt to set the new world record for the longest continuous running relay covering over 7000km in 600 stages. Runners from all over Great Britain will carry a specially designed GPS baton tracking their progress 24 hours a day throughout June

Starting and ending in Scarborough, the Great British Relay begins on June 1st, and club runners, fun runners and charity fund raisers are invited to take part in this huge undertaking by running one of the 594 stages with distances varying from 10km right up to 30km.

The current world record relay is 5640km; organisers, GB Relay, are planning to increase that distance by 1500 kilometres using a specially designed GPS baton to track progress and provide a record of this epic feat for the Guinness Book of Record’s inspection.

Organiser Paul Shack says, “The Great British Relay can’t happen without the support of local communities all over the UK. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where people from all sorts of backgrounds can band together in trust to make what seems impossible, possible and, on completion, everyone who has taken part will be able to call themselves a world record holder!”

Participants are encouraged to raise money for GB Relay’s official charity, Sue Ryder, but are free to support whatever charity they choose. Runners must be able to maintain six miles per hour running pace (about 10 kilometres in an hour) and be available at the time of their stage.

Stages are now available and full details of the Great British Relay can be found on .

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