X-cart Next for UK e-commerce

I have been using X-cart software for a few years now and got to know how to customise to provide my customers with a customised website format.
My first exposure to X-cart for Wicked Tickles was with the early version 4 which, although useable out of the box, it was subject to many updates and revisions. As this was a heavily modified site each upgrade required a significant amount of work to remain up to date. We decided to stop upgrading when we reached a modified version 4.1.9 .
My next site was for Lusira Lingerie. This site is current using version 4.4.5 . This is a significantly improved version of Xcart but again this has been improved with additional functionality the current version 4.5.5 being the latest software package, features in this version can be found here This product continues to be improved and has a great range of add ons which can be applied.
The Latest – X-cart Next
Xcart continues to evolve with mobile versions as well as a new hosted versionX-cart Next With the 30 day free trial this allows you to view and test the capabilities of Xcart Next and quickly get online with a fully operational all in one package. Sign up and get started selling! No software to install, no lengthy set-up process – just instant access to your online store.

The support network for X-cart includes an active users forum with over 30,000 members around the world.
X-cart Next is flexible and can provide a one stop hosted solution for entry into the e-commerce market place and can support your company growth needs.

I shall be testing X-cart (xcart) Next over the coming months and will let you know how this compares with the earlier non hosted versions.

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